Week 15: Setting Goals #SAVMP

Marie Rogai, one of our #SAVMP mentors recently reached out to George and shared something she has done with her mentees’.
She asked them to send her :
  1. their “short-term” goals for the first semester (now until January) and the challenges they foresee in achieving them
  2. their “long-term” goals for the year (also with any challenges)
  3. any current issues they are facing that they would like some “outsider insight” on
Her purpose?  She wants to be sure that she is supporting the leaders she is working with, but not pry.
It can be really hard to achieve your goals if you don’t have people to encourage you, support you, and hold you accountable. Take advantage of the #SAVMP relationships you’ve developed and hold each other accountability with these goal setting ideas. And remember, just writing down a goal isn’t enough. You have to take measured, actionable steps to make it happen!  Be careful with your phrasing…many times goals are too vague, have no deadline (or a completely unrealistic deadline), and are worded in the future tense (“I will”)…which your brain interprets as a message to keep that goal in the future. 
What goals can you personally/professionally set? How can you help your team be successful with their goals?
Thanks, Marie, for the great idea!

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