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Week 15: Instructional Leadership #SAVMP

Stephen Covey talks about the notion of great leadership and how it is measured by “character and credibility”.  Character is basically that people see you have good values in who you are, and credibility is in what you have to offer.  In much of our conversations in the #SAVMP program, it has talked about the importance of trust and fostering effective relationships.  If you have no trust, you will have change.

Instructional leadership is an important part of becoming an effective principal, yet many teachers question if there administrators would be effective teachers.  How can you change what the classroom looks like if you were never an effective teacher?  This was something that I focused on in my writing and shared things that I looked for in today’s classroom.  I also wanted to immerse myself in work with my teachers and started to do “1-to-1” sessions talking about things staff could do with students.  This is the focus on “credibility”.

So…in your work as a leader, what are some of the things that you do to not only show your knowledge and understanding of today’s classroom, but also get deep into the work with your staff and students?  Please share some of your learning to the #SAVMP hashtag through your tweets, or blog.

Have a great week!