December 2015 archive

Walking in a (semi-) Winter Wonderland

Happy December! Here in Michigan, it sure doesn’t feel like December, but I suppose we could have a warmer year every once-in-a-while šŸ™‚

Speaking of December – it is almost time for the winter break (we have Christmas break at our Catholic school, but it is called something different everywhere.) I found a great article that Dr Spike Cook shared on Facebook:

Five Things To Do INSTEAD of Watching a Movie BeforeĀ Break

This is a tough one! The kids are stir-crazy, WE are stir-crazy, and it’s time for a BREAK. So what do you do?

Mentors, this is a great time to share your experience with your mentees. What is your policy on movies in the classrooms? Does it change during holidays, parties, etc? Take a quick read of the article and either comment here or write a post (or both!) discussing your thoughts. I can’t wait to read them!