November 2016 archive


How did October go for you? If you are in a place that celebrates Halloween (which fell on a Monday this year!) I’m sure the transition into November was a tiring one!

November focuses on being Thankful. We have all been in our roles for at least 8 weeks at this point, and if you’re in a new one like I am, I feel you! It is TOUGH to start a new position, to start a new school year, a new class, a new administration, etc., etc., etc.

Instead of focusing on what we’re struggling with at this point, let’s share what we are THANKFUL for. Do you have amazing colleagues? A student that makes it a joy to come to work each day? The most amazing office staff on the planet? Tag them, celebrate them, and let them know they are appreciated. Share the GOOD. I’ll start.

I moved into a new position over Labor Day weekend and started school about 4 days before the students did. My staff, Principal (@HornetPrincipal), Central Office administration (@SuperScot, @EducateSaline, @CEllis14) and office staff have been absolutely amazing. My colleagues (@HarvestLearning, @HERPrincipal, @WMPrincipal, @SASMiddle, @SalineMiddleAP, @MussonPR and #SAVMP mentee @APSchukow) have been so welcoming and awesome to learn from, and I feel like I’m making a difference every day. No matter how small or how big, we all have wonderful things to share. What are yours?



PS – If you haven’t seen this yet, you must….

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