Week 10 – Time and Priority #SAVMP

After last week’s post, I was really happy to see how many people were recommitting to helping out and pushing within their own little groups.  As a mentor, it is important that we are there for our mentees, but it is also a reciprocal relationship.  There is a lot we can learn from each other.

As time management is a crucial part of leadership, I would love if others shared some advice on “time management”.  I have some big beliefs on time management in schools:

  1. If it is important (priority), you will make time for it.
  2. You should never look at doing more, but doing things better.
  3. For every thing you are willing to “add” to your plate, you need to take something off.

What are some of your thoughts/suggestions on effectively managing your time and the time of others in your school/organization?  Please share your thoughts below or I encourage you to use it as a blog post.

Have a great week!

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