The end of the road, :) #SAVMP

Hi stranger friends!

I was Voxing with George this morning, 🙂 and we were lamenting how life just exploded for us both this spring. He was busy getting engaged and we all know how time consuming wedding planning can be, 🙂 Add that to an influx of speaking engagements, he’s been in high demand! Not just speaking locally either…the man has been ALL over. Meanwhile, I’ve been busy getting a new job in a neighboring district and had an award thrown in, just for good measure.

Excuses? Possibly. The reality of our admin worlds? Definitely.

There isn’t a calm “season” in education, especially when you are trying to live to the fullest outside of your building. Recognizing the ebbs and flows of what we do is important to recognize as you contemplate leadership. We talk about modeling what we want to see from our staff, and this balance counts too! Administrators have to set boundaries and limits. The purpose of leading is to show through your walk and talk, that you are genuine. Being busy, and letting things slide at times, (gulp.) is a reality. It’s if and how you handle that slide that speaks loudest to your staff.



That being said, it’s the end of the school year. It’s time for EOY procedures, it’s time for making plans for the next year, it’s time for goodbyes. Thank you for joining us on this SAVMP adventure. I’m going to let George close us out proper, but I wanted to remind you to value the connections you have made through this program. Reach out to me, or George, or your mentee’s/mentor’s, if you ever have a need.

Good luck and happy summer!





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  1. Darren
    June 10, 2014 at 6:02 pm (10 years ago)

    Although I may not have responded or supplied as many comments as I would have liked, the opportunity to freely speak on educational matters has been amazing. In fact I adopted/borrowed this “Virtual Mentor Program” with 3 of my VSB Admin colleagues (part of our own PGP) to demonstrate the power of conversing on topics that directly affect us in our current schools. This takes away the intimidating feeling of raising your hand to speak on a controversial subject with your peers. Just write it down instead.

    I believe that the more I become involved in the “blogging” arena, the more I will be able to contribute on a regular basis. I enjoy writing (considering it is not a strength) and my typing skills having slightly moved away from the tap and peck style.

    The “virtual” conversations and readings I have had over the time of SAVMP are very enriching and cause for more creativity. I try everyday to bring what I have read or witnessed to the staff and students at my school. My hope is that if I’m excited, my staff will get excited, then so will the students about their learning.




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